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What went wrong Lyrics

What went wrong by Blink-182  

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What went wrong the rock show
Blink 182

hangin out behind the club on the weekend
gettin stupid gettin drunk w/ my best friend
i couldnt wait 4 the summer and the warm tour
i remember was the first time that i saw her there

she's gettin kicked outta school cause shes failing
i'm kinda nervous cause i think i won't retain me
shes the one she'll always be there
she took my hand and i made it i swear cause

i fell in love
with the girl at the rock show
she said what
and i told her that i didnt know
she's so cool
fingers stickin thru the window
everything's better when shes around
can't wait till her parents go out of town
cause i fell in love w/ the girl @ the rock show

when we said we were gonna miss events
i remember the look her mother gave us
17 w/o a purpose and direction
we don't know NE1 a (something)ing explanation


black and white picture of her on my wall
i waited for her call
she always kept me waiting
and if i ever got another chance
i'd still ask her to dance
because she kept me waiting


the girl at the rock show
with the girl at the rock show
[with the girl at the rock show
(i'll never forget her)]4x and fade

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