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Bum bum song Lyrics

Bum bum song by Blink-182  

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Bum bum song I like to think about these Bum Bums!
They fill me with slippery thoughs
They like to fubber around in the Bath Tub!
They have 2 sides of fat
They reek of dead rats!

One day I will own a bum bum
It will be flaccid and tight
I wont let any objects enter
Because I'm not gay!

How long will it be!
Until I can see
A porno movie!

My mum says never!
My dad is still strung
So I got no one else
Apart from my Bum Bum!


I once had a doodle
It was nice and clean
I don't know where it went!
It was last seen in a banana!

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