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CD Album  Evangelion (2009)
CD Album  The Apostasy (2007)
CD Album  Demonica (2006)
CD Album  Demigod (2005)
CD Album  Slaves Shall Serve - (2005)
CD Album  Chaotica (2003)
CD Album  Pandemonic Incantation (2003)
CD Album  Satanica (2002)
CD Album  Zos Kia Cultus (2002)
CD Album  Antichristian Phenomenon (2001)
CD Album  Thelema.6 (2001)
CD Album  Behemoth Satanica (2000)
CD Album  Thelema 6.66 (2000)
CD Album  Grom (1999)
CD Album  Sventevith (1999)
CD Album  Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld (1998)
CD Album  Bewitching The Pomerania (1997)
CD Album  Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) (1995)
CD Album  And The Forests Dream Eternally (ep) (1994)
CD Album  And The Forests Dream Eternally - (1994)
CD Album  From The Pagan Vastlands (1994)
CD Album  The Return Of The Northern Moon (1992)
CD Album  Pandemonic Incantations
CD Album  Other Songs D - S
CD Album  Other Songs D - C
Album: Evangelion (2009) Lyrics
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  1. Daimonos
  2. Shemaforash
  3. Ov Fire And The Void
  4. Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti
  5. He Who Breeds Pestilence
  6. The Seed Ov I
  7. Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
  8. Defiling Morality Ov Black God
  9. Lucifer
Album: The Apostasy (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Rome 64 C.E.
  2. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa
  3. Prometherion
  4. At The Left Hand Ov God
  5. Kriegsphilosophie
  6. Be Without Fear
  7. Arcana Hereticae
  8. Libertheme
  9. Inner Sanctum
  10. Pazuzu
  11. Christgrinding Avenue
Album: Demonica (2006) Lyrics
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  1. Of My Worship
  2. Summoning Of The Ancient Gods
  3. The Arrival
  4. Dark Triumph
  5. Monumentum
  6. Rise Of The Blackstorm Of Evil
  7. Aggressor
  8. Goat With A Thousand Young
  9. Bless Thee For Granting Me Pain
  10. Cursed Angel Of Doom
  11. Transylvanian Forest
  12. From Hornedlands To Lindisfarne
  13. Thy Winter Kingdom
  14. Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones)
  15. The Dance Of The Pagan Flames
  16. Fields Of Haar-Meggido
  17. Deathcrush
  18. Moonspell Rites
  19. Blackvisions Of The Almighty
  20. Pure Evil & Hate
  21. The Oak Between The Snows
  22. Spellcraft & Heathendom
Album: Demigod (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "Demigod" CD
  1. Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth
  2. Demigod
  3. Conquer All
  4. The Nephilim Rising
  5. Towards Babylon
  6. Before Aeons Came
  7. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)
  8. XUL
  9. Slaves Shall Serve
  10. The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor
Album: Slaves Shall Serve - (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "Slaves Shall Serve -" CD
  1. Slaves Shall Serve
  2. Entering The Pylon ov Light
  3. Penetration
  4. Until You Call On The Dark
  5. Demigod (Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2005)
  6. Slaves Shall Serve (Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2005)
  7. Zip
Album: Chaotica (2003) Lyrics
cd Buy "Chaotica" CD
  1. Dark Triumph
  2. With Spell of Inferno
Album: Pandemonic Incantation (2003) Lyrics
cd Buy "Pandemonic Incantation" CD
  1. Driven By The Five-Winged Star
  2. In Thy Pandemaeternum
Album: Satanica (2002) Lyrics
cd Buy "Satanica" CD
  1. Decade of therion
  2. Lam
  3. Ceremony of shiva
  4. Of sephirotic transformation and carnality
  5. The sermon to the hypocrites
  6. Starspawn
  7. The alchemist's dream
  8. Chant for ezxhaton 2000
Album: Zos Kia Cultus (2002) Lyrics
cd Buy "Zos Kia Cultus" CD
  1. As above so below
  2. Horns ov baphomet
  3. Modern iconoclast
  4. Here and beyond
  5. As Above To Below
  6. Blackest ov the black
  7. Hekau 718
  8. The harlot ov the saints
  9. No sympathy for fools
  10. Zos kia cultus
  11. Fornicatus benefictus
  12. Typhonian soul zodiack
  13. Heru ra ha: let there be might
Album: Antichristian Phenomenon (2001) Lyrics
cd Buy "Antichristian Phenomenon" CD
  1. Antichristian phenomenon
  2. Malice
  3. From the pagan vastlands 2000
  4. Sathanas
  5. Hello spaceboy
  6. Day of suffering
  7. Carnage
Album: Thelema.6 (2001) Lyrics
cd Buy "Thelema.6" CD
  1. 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
  2. Antichristian Phenomenon
  3. Christians To The Lions
  4. In The Garden Of Dispersion
  5. Inauguration Of Scorpio Dome
  6. Inflamed With Rage
  7. Natural Born Philosopher
  8. Vinvm Sabbati

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