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CD Album  War Child Heroes (2009)
CD Album  Modern Guilt (2008)
CD Album  The Information (2006)
CD Album  GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix) - EP (2005)
CD Album  Guero (2005)
CD Album  Guerolito (2005)
CD Album  Sea Change (2002)
CD Album  Sea Change [Bonus Track] (2002)
CD Album  Beck.Com B-Sides (2001)
CD Album  Stray Blues: A Collection Of B-Sides (2000)
CD Album  Cold Brains [Single] (1999)
CD Album  Midnite Vultures (1999)
CD Album  Mutations (1998)
CD Album  Odelay (1996)
CD Album  A Western Harvest Field (1994)
CD Album  A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (1994)
CD Album  Beercan (1994)
CD Album  Mellow Gold (1994)
CD Album  One Foot In The Grave (1994)
CD Album  One Foot In The Grave [Bonus Track Version] (1994)
CD Album  Stereopathetic Soul Manure (1994)
CD Album  Golden Feelings (1993)
CD Album  Beck Remix #1 -
CD Album  Beck Remix #1 - EP
CD Album  Best Latin Party Album In The World... Ever!
CD Album  E-Pro (Remix By Homelife) - Single
CD Album  Epro (Promo)
CD Album  GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix) -
CD Album  Just Like Heaven - Music From The Motion Picture
CD Album  Loser (Single)
CD Album  Non Album Tracks
CD Album  Song Reader
CD Album  Triple J Hottest 100 Vol. 7 (Disc 1)
CD Album  Venom Confection (Beck E-Pro Remixes) - Single
CD Album  Other Songs 0 - SA
CD Album  Other Songs SH - Y
Album: War Child Heroes (2009) Lyrics
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  1. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Album: Modern Guilt (2008) Lyrics
cd Buy "Modern Guilt" CD
  1. Orphans
  2. Gamma Ray
  3. Chemtrails
  4. Modern Guilt
  5. Youthless
  6. Walls
  7. Replica
  8. Soul Of A Man
  9. Profanity Prayers
  10. Volcano
Album: The Information (2006) Lyrics
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  1. Elevator music
  2. Think i'm in love
  3. Cellphone's dead
  4. Strange apparition
  5. Soldier jane
  6. Nausea
  7. New round
  8. Dark star
  9. We dance alone
  10. No complaints
  11. 1000bpm
  12. Motorcade
  13. The information
  14. Movie theme
  15. The horrible fanfare/landslide/exoskeleton
Album: GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix) - EP (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix) - EP" CD
  1. Bad Cartridge (E-Pro) [Remix By Paza Of The X-Dump]
Album: Guero (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "Guero" CD
  1. Send A Message To Her (Bonus Track)
  2. Tba
  3. E-pro
  4. Que onda guero
  5. Qué Onda Guero
  6. Girl
  7. Missing
  8. Black tambourine
  9. Earthquake weather
  10. Hell yes
  11. Broken drum
  12. Scarecrow
  13. Go it alone
  14. Farewell ride
  15. Rental car
  16. Emergency exit
  17. Send a message to her
  18. Chain reaction
  19. Clap hands
  20. Girl (Octet Remix)
  21. Broken Drum (Boards Of Canada Remix)
  22. Still Missing (Royksopp Remix)
  23. Still missing (royksopp remix) (bonus remix)
  24. Fax Machine Anthem (Dizzee Rascal Remix)
  25. Fax machine anthem (dizzee rascal remix) (bonus remix)
Album: Guerolito (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "Guerolito" CD
  1. Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) [8Bit Remix]
  2. Heaven Hammer (Missing) [Air Remix]
  3. Rental Car [John King Remix]
  4. Scarecrow [el-p Remix]
  5. Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine) [AdRock Remix]
  6. Terremoto Tempo (Earthquake Weather ) [Mario C Remix]
  7. Wish Coin (Go It Alone) [Diplo Remix]
  8. Ghost range (e-pro)
  9. Que onda guero
  10. Girl
  11. Heaven hammer (missing)
  12. Shake shake tambourine (black tambourine)
  13. Terremoto tempto (earthquake weather)
  14. Ghettochip malfunction (hell yes)
  15. Broken drum
  16. Scarecrow
  17. Wish coin (go it alone)
  18. Farewell ride
  19. Rental car
  20. Emergency exit
  21. Clap hands
Album: Sea Change (2002) Lyrics
cd Buy "Sea Change" CD
  1. Guess i'm doin' fine
  2. The golden age
  3. Paper tiger
  4. Guess I'm Doing Fine
  5. Lonesome tears
  6. Lost cause
  7. End of the Day
  8. Nothing i haven't seen
  9. It's All in Your Mind
  10. Round the bend
  11. Already dead
  12. Sunday sun
  13. Little one
  14. Side of the road
  15. Ship in a bottle
Album: Sea Change [Bonus Track] (2002) Lyrics
cd Buy "Sea Change [Bonus Track]" CD
  1. Ship In A Bottle
Album: Beck.Com B-Sides (2001) Lyrics
cd Buy "Beck.Com B-Sides" CD
  1. Arabian Nites
  2. Dirty dirty
  3. Midnite vultures
  4. Mixed bizness [hardmixn by boxtripbox]
  5. Mixed bizness [latin-shot by scattershotheory
  6. Nicotine & gravy [video]
  7. Salt in the wound
  8. Sexx laws [malibu remix]
  9. Zatyricon

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