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Escapism To Refresh Lyrics

Escapism To Refresh by Bathtub Shitter  

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Escapism To Refresh Are You Assless Man ?

You Always Act As A Constipated Man
You Must Act On A majority Opinion
Hide And Take A Shit With Complain
Stresses Stop Active Bowels
Fall Into Gloom By A Closed Door
Paying For Toilet To Kill Your Stress
Mistook Ease For Happiness
You're Not To Eat Other Of Your Superior
Dash Into A toilet An Refresh
Escapism To Shit With Detonation

Pain Of Life Under Pressure
Open This Door Ajar To Lessen It

If You Feel Blood With Wide Ass
It Seems The Fighting Slave
If You're Singing With That Hole
It Seems Silly Consumer

Endless Way In Rest Room
Endless War Of This World

What Are We Running Away From ?
Need Few times To Refresh
And Get An Escapism In This Room

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music