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Rock Steady Lyrics

Rock Steady by Bad Company  

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Rock Steady Well, well i...
want to rock steady, yeah
i'll know...
i got to get ready
close my eyes, and let myself go
listen to....
oh, baby let the music flow, yeah

turn on your light
and stay with me awhile
and ease your worried mind
turn on your light, now baby
and stay with me awhile
and rock steady! yeah...ooh!
now rock steady , yeah
rock, rock steady now

when my love...yeah
get's a little bit too heavy
(rock steady)
she's mine...
and i got to get ready, yeah
clo-ooh-ooh-ose my eyes
and i let myself go
(rock steady)
i've listened too, yeah
and i let the music flow
yeah it's flowin' now


oh yeah!
oh yeah, yeah...


and rock, rock, rock, rock...
turn on your light
ooh yea i'll be right here
and ease your wor...ried mind
yeah, turn on your little light
woo, and rock steady!

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music