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CD Album  The Rotten Agenda (2001)
CD Album  ...And Now Back To Our Programming (1999)
CD Album  The System Works For Them (1996)
CD Album  Fuck Nazi Sympathy (1994)
CD Album  Fuck Nazi Sympathy [EP] (1994)
CD Album  Anti-Imperialist (1993)
CD Album  Anti-Imperialist 7" (1993)
CD Album  We Are Denied, They Deny It (1992)
CD Album  Other Songs D - T
Album: The Rotten Agenda (2001) Lyrics
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  1. The Rotten Agenda
  2. Modern day witch hunt
  3. Right wing warfare
  4. The world bank
  5. Factory
  6. The second rape
  7. Plausible Deniability
  8. Plausible deniabiliy
  9. Who's calling the shots?
  10. Capital punishment
  11. Absent minded
  12. Isolation or solution
  13. Tax shelter
  14. Media blackout
Album: ...And Now Back To Our Programming (1999) Lyrics
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  1. ...and now back to our programming
  2. Capital punishment
  3. Media blackout
  4. Sexist appeal
  5. Pathetic Humanity
  6. The Promise Keepers
  7. Tax shelter
  8. The dying and the dead
  9. Welfare recipients
  10. Xenophobia
  11. The world bank
Album: The System Works For Them (1996) Lyrics
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  1. The system works for them
  2. The battlefields still read
  3. When you support those fucking bastards
  4. American ethic
  5. No justice, no peace
  6. Too little, too late
  7. Poison corporations
  8. Tedium
  9. B.a.t.f.
  10. The crucifix and the flag
  11. The flag will cover coffins
Album: Fuck Nazi Sympathy (1994) Lyrics
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  1. Tuesday May 18, 1993
  2. Vietnam Is Back '94
  3. Fuck Nazi Sympathy
  4. A.i.d.s.
  5. Do You Know Where Their Childern Are?
Album: Fuck Nazi Sympathy [EP] (1994) Lyrics
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  1. Tuesday may 18, 1993
  2. Vietnam is back '94
  3. Fuck nazi sympathy
  4. A.i.d.s.
  5. Do you know where their childern are?
Album: Anti-Imperialist (1993) Lyrics
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  1. No Change, No Futute, We're Lost
  2. This Is Brainwash
  3. They Ignore Peaceful Protest
  4. Secret Police, Secret Army
  5. Apathetic
Album: Anti-Imperialist 7" (1993) Lyrics
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  1. No change, no futute, we're lost
  2. They ignore peaceful protest
  3. This is brainwash
  4. Secret police, secret army
  5. Apathetic
Album: We Are Denied, They Deny It (1992) Lyrics
cd Buy "We Are Denied, They Deny It" CD
  1. Vietnam is back
  2. Media Faith
  3. Out Tonight
  4. Urban Decay
  5. Make It End
  6. Getting To Me
  7. Final Decry
  8. Denied
  9. My Life
Album: Other Songs D - T Lyrics
cd Buy "Other Songs D - T" CD
  1. Do You Know Where Their Children Are?
  2. Grave
  3. No change, no future, we're lost
  4. No Nazi Sympathy
  5. The Battlefield's Still Red
  6. Graves
  7. Have Another
  8. Perverted Patriotism
  9. Two Years And One Song Later

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