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47 Black Lyrics

47 Black List of Lyrics

Album: New York Town (2004) Lyrics
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Album: On Fire (2001) Lyrics
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  1. American Wake
  2. Big fellah
  3. Biko
  4. Bobby Sands Mp
  5. Czechoslovakia
  6. Fire Of Freedom
  7. I got laid on james joyce's grave
  8. Johnny byrne's jig
  9. Our lady of the bronx
  10. Rockin' The Bronx
  11. Those saints
Album: Trouble In The Land (2000) Lyrics
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  1. Blood is thicker than water
  2. Bobby kennedy
  3. Bodhráns on the brain
  4. Delirious
  5. Desperate
  6. Fallin' off the edge of america
  7. I got laid on james joyce's grave
  8. Susan falls apart
  9. Those saints
  10. Touched by fire
  11. Tramps heartbreak
  12. Trouble in the land
Album: Live In New York City (1999) Lyrics
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  1. 40 Shades Of Blue
  2. Desperate
  3. Different Drummer
  4. Fanatic heart
  5. Funky Ceílí (Bridie's Song)
  6. Green suede shoes
  7. James connolly
  8. Like a rolling stone
  9. Maria's wedding
  10. The reels
  11. Three little birds
  12. Walk all the days
Album: Ten Bloody Years (1999) Lyrics
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  1. Bobby Sands Mp
  2. For what it's worth
  3. Free joe now
  4. Funky Ceílí (Bridie's Song)
  5. Green suede shoes
  6. Into the west
  7. Maria's wedding
  8. Our lady of the bronx
  9. The big fellah
  10. The patriot game
  11. The reels
  12. Those saints
  13. Time To Go
  14. Walk all the days
Album: Green Suede Shoes (1996) Lyrics
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Album: Home Of The Brave (1994) Lyrics
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Album: Fire Of Freedom (1993) Lyrics
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Album: Black 47 (1991) Lyrics
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Album: Home Of The Brave/Live In London (1989) Lyrics
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  1. Free joe now
  2. Funky Ceílí (Bridie's Song)
  3. Home of the brave
  4. Liverpool fantasy/get up stand up
  5. Paddy's got a brand new reel
  6. Patriot game
  7. Rockin' The Bronx
  8. Too late to turn back
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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