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Icy Cold City (English Version) Lyrics

Icy Cold City (English Version) by 12012  

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Icy Cold City (English Version) Whistle... [7 times]

I took care of people with broken wings
The middle of the town.
I ruined it was only a matter of fear for existence

Whistle... [6 times]

In screams, I continued to the end of the agony
The middle of town, awareness that there is no orders
I'd rather be smiling

(Drain, bloom, squirm in this follower to domineer)
In the past I cried To smile
In the mudane middle opportunities
Come to the end of sanity I wait for you

Naichainai [6 times]
The answer
Projecting in the middle of the future
I guess I lost the obsesion

He said it's the stone cold world.

A broken wing, a feather
Dream watching birds hide their breaths.
Continue looking up the sky, smiling

To mean to break
To endure the end (to mean to break) All of me
(To mean to break) Looking foolish and delicious taste your lips

Bloom in the past. And future I must encounter reality
Come to the end of sanity Describe the sail

Naichainai [6 times]

The heart
Floating to the sea of the future
I gues I will live tomorrrow

He said "it's the stone cold world"

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