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Incident Lyrics by 12012


Incident by 12012

Tada, yori soi wakari wo machi nozomu koto nakare@@te kuri yoseta kodoku kan setsuna sa no wana e
Ware, aishita kimi* wo ima tori tsukuro akui@@iie, koroshita hibi no zen yamigaeru nakare
Sugaru sugaru amai wana@@kindan no metenrou@@fui ni furidashita ame ni tatazunde iru
Saita saita doko no hana@@gyakutai no moralism@@jiga ni yuki isogu kodou@@shita wo dashiteru
Kioku wo daita mama
Fukai kanjou no naka imi wo koroshi@@risou no sakebi ni obie
"Boku wa doushite?"
Ijou@@tae kirenu umekigoe@@mawaru
"Saa@@kimi wo aishicha inai?"
Korose korose imasugu sono himitsu to bible@@mujitsu no onoga** wo tonaeyo hontou*** no onoga** wo mae yo
Haha yo seibo yo@@wameke yo@@kindan no egoism@@hitori kiri de tsugunai@@kono te ni "sachi" wo
Kioku wo toyameta mama
Soshite boku wa kono mama@@juusan kaidan no soko kara mieru keshiki ni
"Boku wa doushite?"
Fukai yarikirenu aegi koe@@mawaru
"Daremo kimi wo rikaicha inai"
Yagate mebaeta shinjitsu@@kakushi kirenai kako ni me wo fusete tabi wo suru
Itsuka hajimaru sabaki toraerarenai douki
Negai itsuka kanaeru you ni
Amen incident
Boku wo koroshite kudasai