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Pink Panther Soundtrack CD. Pink Panther Soundtrack

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Pink Panther soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2006
Check On It

Beyonce Knowles feat. Slim Thug 

The Race




Pink Panther Theme (Instrumental)


End Titles (Instrumental)


Dragalong Dreyfus (Instrumental)


The Ring (Instrumental)


Waldorf Astoria Arrival (Instrumental)


Chasing Yuri (Instrumental)


Clouseau's Lament (Instrumental)


Vitamin V (Instrumental)


A Farewell To Ponton (Instrumental)


Pinch A Finger (Instrumental)


Flesh Mask (Instrumental)


006 Calling (Instrumental)


Pierre Phouquette (Instrumental)


Blind Love (Instrumental)


The Area Is Secure (Instrumental)


Helping Nicole Get Off (Instrumental)


The Airport (Instrumental)


Paris Bound (Instrumental)


Dreyfus In Charge (Instrumental)


The Damburger Incident (Instrumental)


Perfect Day For A Murder (Instrumental)


Main Titles (Instrumental)