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Paperboy, The Soundtrack CD. Paperboy, The Soundtrack

4.2/5 (24 votes)

Paperboy, The soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2013
Jimmy Mack

Martha And The Vandellas 

Love And Happiness

First Choice 

Still Water (Love)

The Four Tops 

The Nitty Gritty

Gladys Knight 

Show And Tell

Al Wilson 

Crumbs Off The Table

Laura Lee 

Wedding March (Instrumental)

Felix Mendessohn (Arranged By Mario Grigorov) 

(Loving Him Is) Dangerous

William D. Jolly 

Lucky In Love

Eddie Bo 

A Man In A Trenchcoat


I Just Wanna Wanna

Linda Clifford 

Take The Night Off


Soul Strokes (Instrumental)

Sidney Pinchback And The Schiller Street Gang 

Whistling In The Dark

Nona Hendryx