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Bring On Those Wonderful Men

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Bring On Those Wonderful Men Song Lyrics

Virginia O'Brien
Ziegfeld Follies Soundtrack - Musical, 1946
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Bring On Those Wonderful Men All this yap-yap-yap

About glorifying dames

Leaves me like a cold potato

I'd much rather be

With a handsome he

Like Van Johnson who's a real tomato

For a date with Fred MacMurray

You can bet your life I'd hurry

And a guy like Mischa Auer

Has me completely in his power

In fact most any man I've seen

Is the only man for me

Bring on those wonderful men

Bring me an elegant guy

A soldier or sailor

A Gable or Taylor

A short or a tall one

I just wanna call one

My own, private wonderful he

Bring what you can to me

Bring me a guy to pin up

Bring me a prince on a horse

A dark or a light one

I just want to sight one

Who'll call me his missis

And give with the kisses

I'm afraid I've a terrible yen

For those wonderful M-E-N

Amor, Amor

There must be someone for me

But what's he waiting for?

No hope, no soap

If he don't appear

I fear I'm at the end of my rope

Oh, bring on a male who ain't frail

Bring on a man from a cave

Someone to relax with

And pay income tax with

And though he's from hunger

I'm not getting younger

And I'd like to get on with my plan

To glorify the American man

I know the men are few

But what's a gal to do?

I'll get a man before I'm through

Hey, you in the third row:

Bring on those wonderful men!

[Thanks to Julia Krawcewicz for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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