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The Galaxy Is Ours Lyrics

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The Galaxy Is Ours Lyric

Proto Zoa Lyrics
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The Galaxy Is Ours Hiding out, all alone,
Laughter in my fear.
Only you, see right through,
Make it look so clear.

A vibrate over,
Rolling over,
Blasting in to space,

A blazing comet,
With spots upon it,
With a scary face.

Wake me up, Shake me up, Race me to the stars,
So much to know so far to go the galaxy is ours.
The Galaxy is Ours my girl
The Galaxy is Ours.

* In the beginning when Proto zoa writes the MoonStock version of this
song it goes:

Lunsphere, Guess who here
All the fans will cheer.

[Thanks to Chloe for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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