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Step Up Lyrics

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Step Up Lyric

Jean Rodriguez Lyrics
Yu-Gi-Oh Soundtrack - Movie, 2004
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Step Up chorus
Step up, Step up Ill let you try to get to me
But at the end youre gonna see
the only way to go through me yeah, yeah
Step up, Step up Ill let you try to get to me
But at the end youre gonna see
Because the victory is pulling you right at me

Do you really wanna know it
I dont think you wanna know it
The way that this is goin down
There my hero on the ground
Do you really think you can
Take over Pegasus's plans
I dont think you have a chance, chance

I got my friends, yeah
they got my back, yeah
my hero will come and kill your attack
Pack your bags cuz youre not stayin'long
your packs are gonna gonna be gone

Hey, hey whats goin on
you know that Im right
and youre so, so wrong
Im giving you just one last warning
Thats no lie
Look around you what you gonna do now
T-t-t-try to come up but youre goin down
Ill tell you again that youre not stayin' long
Listen you, ya gonna be gone

come to me--Thats as far as I got!

[Thanks to rjborger@charter.net for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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