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Transylvania Mania Lyrics

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Transylvania Mania Lyric

Igor, Frederick. Inga, Kemp and Villagers Lyrics
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Transylvania Mania Igor:
Have you heard about the mania
if not then let me explain t'ya
Yes sir,
it's the Transylvania mania.
Whether you're in Ruritania
Or a dance hall in Albania
Yes sir,
it's the Transylvania mania.

Everybody who's been viewing it can't resist it's appeal.
Everybody's out there doing it, millionaire and schlemiel.
So join the fun, lets all be zany-a
Even Liths in Lithuania love it, it's the latest rage.
Lose the blues and don't complain-ia
hit the dance floor feel no pain-ia
Love it
do the Transylvania mania.

Just accept it don't refrain-ia.

Don't resist it's all in vain-ia

Come on kids lets raise some Cain-ia

Igor, Frankenstein and Inga:
Yes sir
Yes sir
it's the latest craze.


It's the cherry pie without the pits

It's the weekend spent in Biarritz.

It's all the rage with the french and brits.

The Transylvania mania.

It It's the newest quip from Algonquin wits

It's the winning horse that never quits

It's the Paprikash with an ice cold Schlitz.

The Transylvania mania.
Do the Transylvania mania.

It's southern fried with a side of grits.
It's gentiles, Jews and jesuits

Inga and Igor:
it's a etude played by Horowitz

It's Irving Berlin's Puttin' on the Ritz!


Rich and poor are also chewing it in hotels or huts
even dogs are also doing it, pedigrees and mutts.
All the devils in Tasmania shake their tails and go insane-ia.
Love it, it's the latest rage.
Grab a steamship or a plane-ia
To the heart of old Roumania
Love it, yeah you're gonna love it
Do the transylvania mania-AHHHH

(Monster breaks in)

Frankenstein (Spoken):
What have I done? What have I done?

Do the transylvania mania!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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