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Join The Family Business Lyrics

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Join The Family Business Lyric

Victor, Frederick, Ancestors Lyrics
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Join The Family Business VICTOR:
We've been the pride of Romania
Since twelve-o-one,
Passed on for generations,
Father to son,

Descended from Gypsies,
As proud as we can be,
Don't risk my curse
It would be worse
Embrace your fam'ly tree!

Join the fam'ly bus'ness,
Learn the fam'ly trade
Make yourself a monster,
Make the world afraid!

Join the fam'ly bus'ness,
You must take the fam'ly name,
Follow in our footsteps,
And you'll win eternal fame!

The Roqueforts are celebrated
For their Roquefort cheese,
The Rothschilds are famous
For their wines,

Hershey's have their choc'lates

And Liptons have their teas,
But when it comes to making monsters,
You can't beat the Frankensteins!

Join the fam'ly bus'ness,
Rob a grave or two,
Stop the shop from closing,
It all depends on you!
Uphold the fam'ly honor,
You must toe the fam'ly line,
Join the fam'ly bus'ness
Join the fam'ly bus'ness,
Join the fam'ly bus'ness,
For your name is Frankenstein!

Meet your family!

ALL (sung):
Join the fam'ly bus'ness,
Show some fam'ly pride

Make yourself a monster . . .

And then you'll make his bride!

Listen to your great, great, great
Grandfather Mordecai

Join the fam'ly bus'ness
If you don't want to die!

As you know predestination
From the day of your creation
Has determined you vocation
That's a fact.

Because you are a Frankenstein

You have no choice

You can't decline

So show some spine

It's time to sign
The fam'ly pact.

This is your fate
Become a Frankenstein
Before it's too late!

We know you won't regret it,
You should express your willingness
Why not acquiesce, reassess,
You're under stress

Just relax and make a serum
Come up with a brilliant theorem,
Take your knife, create a life

It ain't no fuss!

Join the fam'ly enterprise,
Best be prudent,
Best be wise!
Time to open up your eyes
Join the fam'ly bus'ness

Join the fam'ly enterprise,
Best be prudent,
Best be wise!
Time to open up your eyes
Join the fam'ly bus'ness

Join the fam'ly enterprise,
Best be prudent,
Best be wise!
Time to open up your eyes
Come on come clean
Don't make a scene
Your name's not Fronkasteen

Join the fam'ly bus'ness
Learn the family trade
Make yourself a monster
Make the world afraid
This is one position
That you never can resign

Do not make a fuss,
There's nothing to discuss
You must be one of us

Young Frankenstein!!

[Thanks to Lnet for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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