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Life, Life Lyrics

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Life, Life Lyric

Frederick Lyrics
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So, now we url the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself.


Ever since the beggining of time
When life arose from primeval slime

Death has ruled without question
Death has ruled supreme
Without the least suggestion, that man could foil it's scheme.

But now we call on science, to end death's evil reign.
We shout in brave defiance!
This soul shall live again!


Life, Life
Let my creature live
Life, Life
It's life that you must give

Fate, Fate
Through this storm and strife
Fate, Fate
Give my creature life

Tear the night asunder cast oyur light upon the dark.
Lightning bolts and thunder will ignite a mortal spark.

Life, life, air the break of dawn
Life, life, let my dream be born
Fate, fate, through this storm and strife
Fate, fate, give my creature life
Give my creaure life

This is it! Igor, throw the first switch

Yes Master

Life, life, give my creature life
Give my creaure life

Now, throw the secoond switch

Yes Master

Give the creature life

Tear the night asunder
Cast your light upon the dark
Lightning bolts and thunder will ignite a mortal spark

Now, Igor, throw the third switch

Not the third switch

Yes the third switch, throw it damn you throw it!

Yes master

Inga, now!

Give me life!
Air the break of dawn
Let my dream be born
Through this storm and strife
Through the wind swept air
Listen to my prayer
Stir its frame
Let breathing start
Let me hear his beating heart
give my creature life!

[Thanks to Samantha for lyrics]

[Thanks to Jesse for corrections]
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