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Gettin' Ready Lyric

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Gettin' Ready Xena: "All right, listen up. Playing music's the way for a muse to inspire. And, the best sounding band will win
Terpsichore's lyre."

Gabrielle: "If the people don't mind, there's a contest for peace. And, we'll do it right here."

Spiro: "In Melodia, Music Capital of Greece! Hi, Vargus."

Vargus: "Hi, Spiro. What's the hurry? Why the scurry? Where's the fire? Why the lyre?"

Spiro: "Did you hear, there's a concert in town!"

Sarah: "Hi, Cory."

Cory: "Hi, Sarah. News I'm bringing, time for singing. Can you hum? Get your drum."

Sarah: "Oh, my gosh, there's a concert in town."

Villagers: "Is there really a jam?"

Spiro: "Yeah!"

Villagers: "Can we participate?"

Spiro: "Sure!"

Villagers: "Should we go there right now?"

Spiro: "Why not?"

Villagers: "Or, is it too late?"

Spiro: "No!"

Villagers: "Yeah, there's really a jam. For you and the rest. So take your sitars and give it your best."

Alabartus: "Hello, farmer Paxon, I am Alabartus. Won't you let me sing with you?"

Paxon: "Is there really a jam?"

Alabartus: "Yes, there is."

Paxon: "I've got talent to spare."

Alabartus: "What's why I asked."

Paxon: "Just take over my stand."

Alabartus: "But, I thought-"

Paxon: "And, get out of my hair."

Man1: "Here's your note in your key."

Man2: "That's too high."

Man3: "Not for me."

Alabartus: "Hello, Miss Leandra, I am Alabartus. Won't you let me sing with you?"

Man4: "Got no talent? I got money. I just need to bribe the judge."

Amazons: "Oh, they think they're so cool."

Warlords: "We've got talent."

Amazons: "Playing music's a gag."

Warlords: "We've got music."

Amazons: "When you get on stage."

Warlords: "We've got singing."

Amazons: "They'll fall down on their-"

Alabartus: "Hello, kind barbarians, I am Alabartus. Please just let me sing with you."

Gabrielle: "But, you've got it all wrong."

Villagers: "Getting ready!"

Gabrielle: "There's no talent to find."

Villagers: "Getting ready!"

Gabrielle: "If the concert's too big..."

Villagers: "Getting ready!"

Gabrielle: "I'll go out of my mind!"

Villagers: "When you gotta sing, really gotta sing!"

Man5: "When the music plays, then my hips will sway. What you gonna do? What you gonna do?"

Villagers: "Is there rally a jam? Whoa, man! Can I participate? Whoa, man! Should I go there right now? Whoa, man! Or, is it
too late? Getting ready! Let's rock! Getting ready! Let's rock! Ready to rock! Getting ready! Let's rock! Getting ready!
Let's rock! Ready to rock! Yes, there's really a jam. Whoa, yeah! For you and the rest. Whoa, yeah! So, put down your sitars.
Whoa, yeah! And give it your best. Getting ready! Ready! Ready! Ready! Ready! Ready! Ready to- Ready! Ready! Ready! Ready!"

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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