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Wonka Tour Finale

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Wonka Tour Finale Song Lyrics

WIlly Wonka Cast
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Wonka Tour Finale Wonka:
Now Charlie makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious

Grandpa Joe:
talk about your childhood wishes

You can even eat the dishes

Golden Ticket Winners & Parents:
OOmpa Loompa Doopady Doo
I've got a final puzzle for you

Add candyman kids:
oompa loompa doopady dee
if you are wise you'll listen to me

Add cooks and squirrels:
there is a problem with lots of our youth
not everbody likes telling the truth]
telling the truth starts a beautiful buzz
isn't it nice when some one does

Buckets, Candyman, and Phyliss Trout:
It could be contageous

WHo can take a sun rise
(all echo)
sprinkle it with dew
(all echo)
cover it in choclate and a miracle or two
charlie can
(all spoken) charlie can

wonka: we know that he can
(all echo0

we know that he can cuz he'll mix it all with love and make the world taste good

and the world tastes good cuz the candyman thinks it should

thinks it should

[Thanks to Megan for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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