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Mayhem Song Lyrics

Imelda May
Wild Target Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Mayhem He said he didn’t even hear trains let alone the few words
The ladies maybe sayin’ about him
She freaks and tells her closest friend that she’ll never love again
But she’ll never, no not ever
Live without him

Chorus – Wouldn’t believe it, if you seen it
Oh, Mayhem doo doo doop
Yeah, Mayhem doo doo doop
Yeah, Mayhem doo doo doop
A lotta Mayhem, woh oh oh yeah

She said he didn’t mean a thing so she threw her diamond ring
Out the window of a black cab in Camden
He couldn’t take it, what she did,
So he threw a hissy fit and he took it out on anyone at random


Dinning sound, lights spinning round, some mothers’ son
Gotta fight or got to run run run run
Run run run run run


Ten pints and then he starts a fight and he lands himself a night
In a cell wearing grey pants and bruises
Twelve mates bangin’ on the door, oh the back up vans galore
Never saw such a street full of losers


Repeat mayhem

[Thanks to andrew, hydro for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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Mayhem Imelda May

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