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What's Wrong

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What's Wrong Song Lyrics

Whipped Soundtrack - Movie, 1992
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What's Wrong So I'm beginning to wonder why it escapes me
Why you lie about the change for the worst
that made your love turn to goodbye.
So why must I know?
If I'm repeatedly let go.
It's the saddest of truths I don't know, and that's the lowest blow.

If I don't know what's right?
How can I know what's wrong?
If you try too hard to find a reason then I'll blame you.

You push the button, I scream.
I draw the line, you cross it.
Funny, while you keep on laughing, my top's about to blow.
Why, when my face turns red?
You don't remember a thing you said.
You want to go back to good times and the way things were instead.

Everytime I play this game reminds me just how bad I am at it
When I go to say your name reminds me just how bad I am at it.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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