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My Darling, My Darling

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My Darling, My Darling Song Lyrics

Where's Charley Soundtrack - Musical, 1948
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My Darling, My Darling My Darling, My Darling
Till a moment ago we were "Mister" and "Miss"
Discussing the weather,
Avoiding each other's eye.
Till a moment ago when we happened to kiss
And we kissed the "Mister" and "Miss" gooodbye.
Now at last I can sigh,

My darling, my darling,
I've wanted to call you "my darling"
For many and many a daay.
My darling, my darling,
I fluttered and fled like a starling;
My couurage just melted away.
Now all at once you've kissed me
And there's not a thing
I'm sane enough to say
Except, my darling, my darling,
Get used to that name of
"My darling" it's here to stay.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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