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Kicking The Heart Out Lyrics

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Kicking The Heart Out Lyric

Rogue Wave Lyrics
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Kicking The Heart Out Rogue Wave - Kicking The Heart Out

Baby wants to get in the money
Oh she wants to share it with me
On Tuesdays we go walking,
Talking about another degree

You can't stop kicking the heart out
And you're a practical mess
Behind links of celebrity dropouts
You're just a shepherd, but oh well

What makes the wild wind whistle?
What makes the birdies sing?
I'm hutched down in a huddle,
Talking about another ring

But oh, you're 25 for an hour
And I'm related to it,
For hearts that don't make sense

If music is my lover
You are just a tease
You make love to a shadow
Whose face is hallow money
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