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Momentary Thing Lyrics

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Momentary Thing Lyric

Something Happens Lyrics
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Momentary Thing Is it nothing or less? Or less? Or less?..
We're holding on I guess, I guess, I guess..
She's taking off her clothes again
Says, "Let the whole world see"
She's cutting off her hair again
Says, "This is all of me"..

After all, well isn't this just a momentary thing?
It's not like I expected it,
Or any heavy thing

Shook me up I guess, I guess, I guess..
Stirring me up yes, yes, yes..
It's at the point of breaking down,
Cause there's nothing left to say.
I think you waste your sweetness.
I think the whole thing blew away.


Not like I hoped
Not like I dreamed
Not like I prayed
And hoped for.. dreamed
It's not like I'm hooked
I'm hooked (x3)
It's not any heavy thing.. (x4)

(Guitar Solo)

Cause we'll get along..
We'll get along.
Oh yeah.
After so long (x4)
So long..

[Thanks to Joanne, Urumi for lyrics]
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