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We are the Boyz

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We are the Boyz Song Lyrics

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We are the Boyz Ooh / We are the boyz / And we are class / At getting trashed

So make some noize / We are the boyz / We are the lads

We sleep with slags / We nick their f*gs / We got no choice

We are the boyz / Oh we are the boyz / We don't ask why

Because we're alive / We are the boyz / We are the boyz

We're in the place / So shut yer face / You got no choice

We are the boyz / We are the guys / We're getting high

While you're getting by / So just make some noize

'Cos we are the boyz / Oh we are the boyz / And we don't ask why

'Cos we're always right / Because we're alive / Oh we are the boyz!

We are the boyz / And don't look now / 'Cos we're coming down

Don't make no noize / Cos we are the boyz / Now we are the men

And that was then / It won't happen again / But we had no choice

Cos we're the boyz / Oh we were the boyz / But we're not any more

Not now we're so mature / Now we've got insured

Because we're not so sure / No we're not so sure / Oh no we're not so sure

Not so sure / Not so sure as we were / When we were the boyz

We were the boyz / Oh, we were the boyz / C'mon, we're still the boyz

We're still the boyz / Oh, we're still the boyz / Oh c'mon, we are the boyz

We are the boyz / Oh, we are the boyz.

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