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If Only You Knew

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If Only You Knew Song Lyrics

KeKe Wyatt
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If Only You Knew I must have rehearsed my lines a thousand times,
Until I had them memorized.
But when I get up the nerve to tell you,
the words that never seem to come out right. ohh

If only you knew how much I do,
do love you, oh.
If only you knew,
how much I do, do need you.

I dream of moments we share, but your not there,
I'm living in a fantasy.
but you don't even suspect,
could probably care less,
about the changes I been going through.

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No, you don't even suspect,
Could probably care less,
about the changes I been going through.


Oh, if, if
o, You don't know how much u don't know
I said you don't know,
how much I need you sugar,
only you knew,
how much I do,
I love you baby, only if u knew how much i do,
i love u baby, i need u baby

[Thanks to Nisey10170@aol.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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If Only You Knew KeKe Wyatt

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