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Try A Little Tenderness

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Try A Little Tenderness Song Lyrics

Chris Brown
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Try A Little Tenderness (Oh i)
Oh, she may be weary
them young girls, they do get weary
Wearin', that same ol' shaggy dress (oh yeah)
(Oh), when she gets weary,
Try a little tenderness (oh yes, oh yes)

(Oh)You know she's waitin' (ohhh)
Just anticipatin (oh)
For The Things she'll never posses (oh no no no)
(whoa) while she's waitin, there without them
Try, oh just a little, oh just a little, little, little
Thats what i said, a little tenderness
(ha!) oh, na-na-na, na-na-na
its all u gotta do

It's not (ha ha) oh, just sentimental no,
She has, she has, she has
her grief and cares, (oh i)
But to some words
they spoke so gentle yet
And it makes it easier, easier to bear (aye!)

You won't regret it no, them young girls don't forget it
love is their wrong, their wrong happiness (oh i)
but it's all, it's all so simple now, all u gotta do is try a little tenderness,
whoa, uh, wont u show her, wont u show her,

that u love her, (hey!) u wanna squeeze her,
dont tease her, never leave her, u gotta, wont ya wont ya, try,
just try a little tenderness (hey!)
(ha!) u gotta, show that u want her that,
no one above her now, squeeze her, dont tease her,
never leave her, hold her, wrap her softly now, nd try a little tenderness, (hey!)
u gotta listen ta me, dont leave her (ha!), dont cheat her now, squeeze her,
dont cheat her, never leave her, gotta show her now now now ,
heyyyyyy, ayeeeeee, heyyyyyy
u gotta know what ta do, dont be a fool, u need to try it now

just try a little tenderness, a litlle tenderness,
just take it from me, u dont wanna let her leave, (oh no!)
squeeze her, dont tease, never leave
u gotta, wont u try? just try, just try a little tenderness,
(ha!) is there a witness in the building tonight?
(aye! hey! ha!)

u gotta wont u, wont u try just try a little tenderness,
say it wit me, say it wit me try a little tender, tender, tenderness
u wanna squeeze her, dont tease her, never leave her,
hold her, wrap her softly now,
just try a little (x3) (ah oh now!)
hey! hey! hey!
just try (ha!), just try, just try (ha!) just try,
(whoa!) u wanna squeeze her, dont tease her,
if u hear what i'm sayin then wont u just,
just tryyyy

[Thanks to Ashley for lyrics]
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