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Something Lyrics


Something Song Lyrics

I used to watch the sunrise every morning, hoping that the day ahead..
Would hold some surprises in store?
I wanted something..
Just something...
Nothing more
I didn't know what something was
If I could taste it, see it, touch it..
Only knew I didn't have it
And I wanted it so much
Then suddenly you came into my life
You were the one
Everything made sense, something had begun...
Something in the twilight all around us-
all those hopes and dreams.
And now it seems something has finally found us.
They say we may love others in time- not true.
No, I am certain I'll find something with no-one else but you.
Something in the moon, beyond all measure.
Every wish we knew has turned into something that's ours to treasure.
Once I felt so empty inside, alone...
but now your love has shown me something like nothing I've known.
One day we'll leave this town behind us,
break the ties that bind us to anything but one another.
One day, our dreams will set us free,
wonders unexpected, magic unimagined, all of it as real as it can be.
Something in the night-time, all around us,
all our hopes and dreams.
And now it seems something has finally found us....
its said that given time we'll grow wise.
What for? When here and now we have
found something more kind than clever...
something that time can't sever..
something that's ours forever more.

The Witches of Eastwick Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2002
Something Lyrics by Caroline Sheen from The Witches of Eastwick Soundtrack (2002). Rating: 4.2/5 (28 votes)