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Happy Lyric

Sita Lyrics
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Happy There's a man sitting down by the 405
Hitting some kind of tune on his raving guitar
He seems stranded in a desert of a million dreams
Just like life hasn't been exactly as nice as it seems

Hello! How are you?
Why are you looking so sad on a day like this?
Do you feel like talking?
Now you got me started

I wanna see a smile on your clueless face - Yeah Yeah
You could be so happy on this brand new beautiful day
You could be so happy like kids getting ready to play
Come on and bring it on, on and on
Nothing that you do is wrong
Come along and don't drag it on
You can be so happy

You say your girlfriend is pretty - Yeah
She's waiting at home
Got a safe job
And you can call a little house and a chevy your own
It all seems perfect but ain't perfect just as boring as hell
You've been craving for this
And now you're stuck just like a snail in it's shell All that matters is that you can
be free to live your life the way you sincerely feel it
Cause life's too short
You don't wanna be a prisoner
of your own illusions
And I shout it out

You could be so happy - yeah you got somebody to love
You could be so happy - Ain't that good enough
Ain't no use to sit and drag it on, thinking 'bout the mess
you've done - Nothing's wrong, just bring it on
You could be so happy

There's a man sitting down by the 405
Got a smile on his face - Thinking: 'What a wonderful life'
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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