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Bring 2

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Bring 2 Song Lyrics

The Wash Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Bring 2 Tonight after work let Shane scoop you up
Around eight, nine at the latest we'll be
Sitting low inside (?), riding slow on I street,
About to (___) a friend

Look at this Jeep up in front of us,
Filled with all those candid eyes yes following us,
Tell them to slow it down, talkin 'bout
Where ya headed baby and, can us two follow your lead?
To the spot where your party is at, where its at?

Rocks, spades (no bluffing)
No bluff, you've gots to play your game (hey)

Tonight lets ask Mary and Wanda,
You know they'll make both us howl,
Cuz they freaks and they did it before,

Just trust me that's if ya doubt me,
Ask them both they'll tell ya about me,
When I get it, you'll want it once more

Baby bring (y)a friend, baby bring a friend (bring two bring two)
Bring two that's if you're bawdy


I'ma just ask you this, you know what I mean? Off the record. What's up with you and your girl? I mean both of ya'll.. (?) put her
on the phone.


Talk about low low,
Talk about lean lean,
Talk about the finer things,
Talk about you.. (?)

Talk about being a star,
But baby that's who you are,
(?)you wanna roll with me, hold on

[Thanks to Forrest for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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