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It's Obvious Lyrics

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It's Obvious Lyric

Rell Featuring Jay-Z Lyrics
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It's Obvious [Intro: Jay-Z]
Y-yea . . .
The flow so amazin' nigga!
Uh, it's yo boy . . young
Uh huh, I brought Rell wit me
Timbo on the track
J-Breezy! Take it easy I got ya homie
Let's do the damn thing Rell

[Verse: Jay-Z]
When girls stop and stare it's obvious it's the "Roc"
Your vision's impaired it's obvious it's the watch
Park nine for being pasumptious
It could be that ash it cuts in my ear or some sh*t
Oh stop your dumb sh*t, Hov is hot
It ain't just hoes and guns sh*t, I switch top
Big sneakers can't see wit their op-tics
They optical allusions don't confuse dudes wit him
Uh, it's obvious stayin' used to win
Used to being in that Jeep deuce deuce like him
G-4 land a teeted barrel (whoo)
Fitted sombrero to the side, nigga my stride is so ghetto
Projects strut, hop out the plane hop in my truck
Just in time, hop off my thugs
It's obvious you got hate in you thug
You want the crown you got to take it in blood
Nigga what! (c'mon)

[Verse: Rell]
Wit every step, wit every move
Scared of me, in the mood
All I see, is her and me
Gettin' down, I said gettin' down!
I love her frown, I love her smile
Most of all, I love that she's wild
Watchin' her, watchin' me
Escapin' to her, she's talkin' to me!

[Chorus: Rell]
Girl, I can tell by the look in your eyes
and the way that you back it up
I can tell that you like it rough rough - oh yes it's obvious!
Plus, I'm a freak and I know it's your style
cause we get bubble while makin' love
I can tell that you like it rough rough - oh yes it's obvious!

[Verse: Rell]
It's in your walk, it's in your vibe
In your claws, some in your eyes
Chasin' you, you chasin' me
We belong, like Adam and Eve
You're the Queen, I'm the King
Shall no one, intervene
Kinky things, thuggish things
Crazy things, anything!


[Interlude: Rell]
I can, I can tell
I can, I can tell that you like it rough
I can tell, I can tell that you like it rough
I can tell, I can tell that you like it rough (I can't deny it baby!)
I can tell, I can tell that you like it rough (so don't complicate it!)

[Bridge: Rell]
Don't complicate it (noo no)
Be my lady (love or hate it)
Love or hate it (nooo)
You belong to me (babe)
Don't complicate it (said don't complicate it)
Be my lady (be my lady)
Don't contemplate it (nooo nooo)
You belong to me

[Chorus] (2x)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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