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Lullaby For Cain Lyrics

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Lullaby For Cain Lyric

Sinead O'Connor Lyrics
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Lullaby For Cain From the silence, from the night
Comes a distant lullaby.
Cry, remember that first cry,
Your brother's standing by,
And lot of loved
Beloved sons of mine.
Sing a lullaby.
Mother is close by.
Innocent days
Such innocent eyes
And he stole your brother's life,
Came home murdered, peace of mind.
Left you nightmares on the pillow.
Sleep now

Soul, surrendering your soul,
The heart in you not whole
For love, but love walked on
Cast into the dawn
Branded with the mark.
Oh, shame of Cain.

From a garden of those light
To a wilderness of night.
Sleep now
sleep now
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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