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I've Tried Everything Lyrics


I've Tried Everything Song Lyrics

The truth of life is the greatest gift
But I don't think I can make it fit
And who would guess it would come to this
When I've tried everything
And I should know but I can't explain
The endless noise sounding in my brain
Who would've thought
That you could feel such pain
When you've tried everything
Yeah you're a loser now
Yeah you're a loser
I should be cool
But I'm burning hot
I should be good
But I fell apart
Don't look at me now don't even start
'Cause I've tried everything
Yeah... you're a loser now
Yeah... you're a loser now

The Sopranos: HBO series Lyrics

Soundtrack for TV, 2001
I've Tried Everything Lyrics by Eurythmics from The Sopranos: HBO series Soundtrack (2001). Rating: 4.4/5 (22 votes)