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Summertime in the LBC Lyrics

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Summertime in the LBC Lyric

The Dove Shack f/ Arnita Porter of YN-Vee? Lyrics
The Show Soundtrack - Movie, 1995
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Summertime in the LBC [Intro:]
[C Knight]
Yeah, This is C Knight fom the Dove Shack
Gettin those here out
kickin it at King's Park wit all the homies
Heh, and you know what I'm sayin
So why don't you uh check out my homie Bo to the Roc

[Verse One:]
[Bo Roc]
I ride wit the
I slide wit the
Loccs and doggs from the LBC
All of the hoes wanna kick it wit me
Cuz I run wit Warren G
Braid your weaves bustaz and G's
Water balloon fighters
Low riders, and east siders (east siders)
All come around (come around)
To hear the Dove Shack G Funk sound
All come around (come around)
To kick it in my town

Let me hear you say oohhhhh ahhhhh
Summertime in The LBC
Oohhhhh ahhhhh
Summertime in The LBC

[Verse Two:]
[Arnita Porter]
Now me and my girls are deep
In a '94 Wrangler jeep
Flow so long thru Long Beach
Daisy Dukes gets props
Hair and nails fresh from the shop
And we're at the bombest spot
Called the shackkk

[Verse Three:]
[2 Scoop]
Three months of pleasure
How can I measure
The relaxation
All the fun I'm facin
My homies got green
That's them
For show 'do
Hit the sto' 'do
So I can get a 40
My lil' cousin rushin to the park too much
Standin in line tah get a free lunch
Why do we do what we do when we do what we do
Hangin out late wit no curfew


[Verse Four:]
[C Knight]
Damn, it's hot than a mutha
I'm smuthareen ribs wit barbacue sauce
Fools get tossed if they reach across my barbacue grill
So continue tah chill
At King's park in the LBC
That's where ya'll find me
Hangin wit my homies and my friends
We got the coke in hand
We got Da Five Footaz and the Twinz
We got Warren G and the D-O-G
All come around
Tah hear the Dove Shack G Funk sound

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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