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Papa Luv It

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Papa Luv It Song Lyrics

LL Cool J
The Show Soundtrack - Movie, 1995
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Papa Luv It [Intro:]

I do this for you baby
Papa luv it do', y'knowI'msayin
(Do you want to be a player) Yeah
(Then you got to have that flavour)
More of that Mr.Smith flavour, bust ya brain right quick, y'know
(Do you got to be right) Second move y'knowI'msayin?
(at all times?) Yeah, all the time, all good

[Verse 1:]

Uhh, that's the sound of the man
Workin with the mic in my hand
Ready or not here I come
It's another one (Damn, not another one) Yeah
We bring it just like dat (like dat)
Droppin triple platinum flavour on the drum tap
Dog a donut nice and crafty
Poke your lips out sassy when you ask me
Special request is granted (aah)
Head all slanted, (uhh) the gym has planted
(So what you tellin me you're too smooth to pop?)
If it pops should I stop 'fore it drops?
Who knows? Who goes? Who flows?
Me and you? (Yeah) just remember boo
(I promise I'll remember) Everything I do girl
(I promise) I do it for you, word is bond (I know) word is bond


Papa luv it way she does it
(Do you wanna be a player?) Uh
Papa luv it way she does it
(Then you got to have that flavour) Yeah
Papa luv it way she does it
(Do you got to be right)
(at all times) Papa luv it way she does it

[Verse 2:]

Feel it, hold out your hands (and) open up (damn)
now let it flow from both cups (aw man)
Is he good? (No doubt) All the time, miss
Is he right? (No doubt) One of a kind, miss
Now tell me what you really talkin bout in three words or less
Ladies (get it out) like this
I luv it when I give it to you raw, baby
Hate to hurt but hurtin makes you crazy (crazy)
It's my duty to dig booby
Make a video (Yo, you mean my own movie) Yup
You can star, here we are
There's ya blow, let it flow, you already know
Undress slow, I drop a lil' French on ya
You wanna bed debut
Take your time, do it slow, just remember boo



This is that skin music, that midnight-rub-you-right skin music (x3)
Top choice if ya choose it


Papa luv it way she does it
(Do you wanna be a player?) Yeah it's everything I luv
(Then you got to have that flavour)
Make it right for ya baby, y'knowI'msayin?
Papa luv it way she does it
(Do you got to be right) Take you to the next level, word is bond
(at all times?)
Papa luv it, I take you to the next level baby, I'll take you there
Papa luv it way she does it
You see a lot of brothers is afraid to do things like this,
Papa luv it way she does it
But I ain't scared to be smooth, baby
I ain't afraid of love, y'knowI'msayin? I'll take you there
I'm willing to go there, papa luv it way she does it, word is bond
(Do you wanna be a player?) It's that flavour I love, y'knowI'msayin?
I like to bring it like that (Do you wanna be a player?)
I love bringin it, Ha ha, I love bringin it
(Do you wanna be a player?) It really is sick, y'knowI'msayin?
Todd know what I mean (Do you wanna be a player?)
Big Cole know what I mean
Huh, Flash know what I mean, my man Zel know what I mean
Word is bond, papa luv it baby, yeah
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