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The Lives of Me

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The Lives of Me Song Lyrics

Hugh Jackman
The Boy from Oz Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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The Lives of Me PETER:

Everywhere I go
I'm followed by a lot of people
Such a lot of people
It's almost a parade
And if you could see all the people
They're everyone I ever was
And everyone I ever will be
all the lives of me

Nothin' left to hide
I come in many colors
Assorted shapes and sizes
Can adapt to your demands
And if you smile at someone
Then I'll just become that one
And throw in all the others for free
All the lives of me

Faults arn't things for hiding on a shelf
And if you like who I am now
That's only a reflection of yourself

All the games are gone
We face each other naked
Stripped of all disguises
Love is being made

And if I make you feel good
After knowin all you know is really
Only all that you see
All the lives of me

And if you see all the people
They're everyone I ever was
And everyone I ever will be
All the lives of me
All the lives of me

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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