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Sea Green, See Blue Lyrics

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Sea Green, See Blue Lyric

Jaymay Lyrics
Switch,The Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Sea Green, See Blue "Wont you miss me?" you said inside grand central station
And your eyes grew red and wild before the chasin'
I felt your body move through my coat
I felt you footstep silent but
Heavy, you followed me in onto the shuttle
Tapped my shoulder one last time, that was all, that was all
I miss winter just because i miss when i knew you best
I miss the typewriter in the basement, i miss making your room . . a mess
I miss not being misused
I miss it all, so i guess i lose
Sea green, see blue
September 2nd to april 13th, but who's counting?
Song after song after song after song amounting into mountains
He told me you beat her up
Behold the "super keith" on the cup
What's up, enoughs enough, where's my morning coffee?
I regret every single thing i ever said, i said those things too softly
There was you, there was me in the room with the alcoholic guest
You asked if we should sleep on these cardboard sheets i said "yes, okay, let's"
The sculptor we hardly knew, his limbs were lyin' ask you
Sea green, see blue
You tossed your phone fifty feet in the air, i can't believe you caught it
You said whatever you wanted to as long as you thought it should be true
You dream, you make movies, you dance,
You moved to Montreal . . . to be closer to France
How's that working out, how's the music, how's the food
I know you wont stay there forever, i know you're gonna move . . . again and again and again
This is crazy, but i know i left you to be with your art
You always put me first, and somehow that broke my heart
Cause it's not my place to choose
My first love, and my only muse
Sea green, see blue
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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