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Impulse Lyrics

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Impulse Lyric

New Faces Lyrics
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Impulse I want it to end but I'll come running back
I wish it would end but I'll come running back
I cannot let go of the thought of having you
I cannot let go of the thought of me and you
We look out of place but I don't care about that
You don't show so much and so I don't know what you think
Give me a sign so I can understand what you want
Just let me know how far you're planning this to go
It's not just conversation can't you see it's motivated
That impulse draws us to be closer
Then what are we supposed to do with it now
I don't understand and you know what
I don't think anybody really does, neither of us
Know what we are, or know what we want
But that's what it's about about
Is it a game of having feeling ona whim
i think it's a game, a game between me and him
Do what you like 'cause I don't know what i really want
And in the end you won't deny what's in your very mind
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Impulse Lyrics New Faces

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