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Mine All Mine Lyrics

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Mine All Mine Lyric

SheDaisy Lyrics
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Mine All Mine The sun kisses the windowsill and I am still
On my second cup of pity me
It's been a long night chasing ghosts but at the most
It's been a rude awakening
That all too late I finally see

That it's
My loss, my lonely
My mistake, mine only
Mine all, mine all mine
And it's my bad, my broken
All my should have's left unspoken
Mine all, mine all mine

I drove you to the edge of the map and after that
I pushed you off just to watch you fall
You never were the bounce back kind
But boy this time you've proven me wrong after all
Now I'm the one who's gonna crawl

'Cause it's
repeat chorus

Always thought I'd get to sorry
But the chance has come and gone
So if it finds it's way back in
I'll hold on hold on hold on

My loss, my lonely
My mistake, mine only
Mine all, mine all, mine all mine

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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