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You Should See Yourself Lyrics

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You Should See Yourself

Gwen Verdon Lyrics
Sweet Charity Soundtrack Musical, 1999
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You Should See Yourself Charity:
Man! Man, oh, man!
Tst, tst, tst!
You should see yourself like tonight
You're a hundred watt "elecatric" light.
You're a blockbuster buster you got class
And when you make a pass
Man, it's a pass!
Mad ooh sack, you're mad!
Mmm, mmm!
How those corny jokes turn me on!
And I laugh till I'm "ga, ga, ga, ga, GONE!"
When you switch to a "seducative" mood
I'm not stuck on you, lover!
I am glued...
In the college I brought up the outwit
Do I wilt, boy are you built?
You're so strong you've got muscles you don't need
Yes, yes, indeed!
Wild, dad, you're wild!
You should see yourself in my eyes.
You're a Blue Ribbon Puli-i-tzer Prize...
Hey, do you know what I did today?
I went looking for furniture!
Bedroom sets, kitchen sets, bedroom sets!
Dining-room sets, "bedroom sets"...
And I got all the money from the damn payment
right here, my dowry!
Dreams I had not...
Dreams now I got!
You're old glory man, oh, yes you are!
In my flag you're the "fi-fi-fi-fifty" star
You should see yourself
And inspect yourself...
Hey, get a mirror, man!
And reflect yourself...
You should see yourself
As I see you now...

[Thanks to fuzzyslipperz84@hotmail.com for lyrics]
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