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Apple Lyric

Sickamore Lyrics
Stripperland Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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Apple I fell into a lonely hole today
Staring at, such a lovely face, well
So dismembered and scared (x3)
Well I had to have a taste

Apple has been rotting, from the worm
But when we’re hungry, we must eat
We must eat, we must eat

Such a lovely flavor lies within our needs

You eat through the scabs, to drink my blood
I sink in this pain, to show my love, my love
Show your love, show some love

Apple it will feel you said the snake to Eve
Now our eyes are open to the filth of our disease
Filth of our disease, filth of our disease
Now I can see that God will never wash me clean

Now I play the fool, and you play my queen

You kick me to the floor and tell me that I’m nothing
You dominate, you make the poor slaves wait
You f**k me on a bed of nails, just to show your hate
Show your hate, show your hate, show your hate
Show your f**king hate…

In deaths garden, all flowers are red
We paint the town with the victims she’s bled
In deaths garden, all flowers are dead
We pull back the skin, of the victims she sheds

2, 3, 4
Petals fall to the floor, blood drips as we crave for more
Knife is pushed a little to far, as the lust cuts us a brand new scar
Apple will control you, and she will cease to know you

She’ll chew you up and spit you out, if you play her game
Play her game
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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