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Alice Lyrics

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Alice Lyric

Cocteau Twins Lyrics
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Alice When I lost him ache
Shudder shock of pale
My, my true love
Nicolo(whatever his last name was, sounds like eperdu?)these days are
smoking days
Though he won't see
(Deceived me)You deceive me
(With you)Erase it I will not
(to stay)Touching a helix(didn't she know alex?)
(I I will plead)Blotting an excuse you
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
would share,
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
who shall
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)

When I lost him ache
Shudder shock of pale
My, my true love
Nicolo(?) This mess I smoke away
And he won't see
(pushing me)Oops she fell
(with you)Racin her bike
(so you)touching her lies
(not me)
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