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Get Nowhere... Lyrics

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Get Nowhere...

(feat. Beanie Sigel and Freeway) Lyrics
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Get Nowhere... [Beanie Sigel]
Yo I come from a crack in the ground, a hole in the wall
And dog when the crack ain't around, the smokers'll brawl
Streets like a bullet in cancer, it'll swallow you up
or eat you from the inside and hollow you up
And everyday like a test, you know life got rules
and its sorta like checkers and chess
I went to school and took the lessons punk
Know a pawn get kinged, a bishop get juiced
A rook get jumped
f*ggot niggas took the easy route
They either coked out, smoked out, doped out
Niggas took the needle route
And I ain't tryin to take either route
I'm tryin to stop get weeded out
Really, tryin to weed it out
No the flipside we choosin your way
Like gettin fat from losin the weight
or losing that from, usin the weight
I feel like I'm speeding and I'm 'bout to crash
No where to go and I'm gettin there fast

(girl singing)
Ooouu hooouu, got nowhere
Ooouu hooouu, I got nowhere to
Ooouu hooouu, got nowhere
Ooouu hooouu, I got nowhere to ruuuuunnnnnnn
(man speaking, girl singing throughout)
We in the streets player get your man
There's only two places to go, we either dead or in jail
What the...
(girl singing)
Ooouu hooouu, I got nowhere

[Beanie Sigel]
Eh yo I'm caught up in the system where the blind lead the blind
and this artist only speaks on the signs of the time
And I pop pills in purple rain to state my pain
They say I'm just like my father, bold and too cold
But you know thats how a thug ride
I send a kite through a dove in a jail where the thugs cry
I feel your pain when you restrained and your love die
and make your heart hard, the blood in your vein fry
Feel like I'm trapped and I'm blindfolded
But my eyes wide open to see it
Feel like the O'Jay's, climbin those stairways hopin
Heaven's gates wide open for me
Look towards a lie, Sige in direction
Still I spin in every direction, seekin directions
Tryin to balance out the good with the imperfections
Yeah I know I still move with nowhere to go


It seems like we grind from the bottom
just to make it to the bottom to see faces of the people that I shot
When I get high late night, flow through the bottom
My aunt's house, one of the places that I stopped
See she just died, she got cancer from smokin and drinkin
The same sh*t that I'm drinkin and smokin
I can't lie, wish life would just open its handcuffs
and let me go, I feel like I'm doin a bit
I can't slide, so what I'm a rapper?
I can't escape the wrath of the law if I crash up my whip
or get, blast in the jaw
Prick, masterded his fifth
I might go triple platinum, become a household name
After a long day of out of town work make my way to the plane
Plane fast in the tenth
Hear mayday, mayday, control's outta work
How the hell can life end like this? Nowhere to go

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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