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Call Me Rusty

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Call Me Rusty Song Lyrics

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Call Me Rusty Rusty: Woo woo, woo woo

Nobody can do it like a steam train

Woo woo, woo woo

Nobody can do it like a -

Greaseball: Okay, steam train, where you been?

+N. Trains: You got work to do!

Espresso: I've got a race to win!

Prince of Wales: Fetch the coaches from the marshalling yard

Ruhrgold: Where's my schedule?

Prince of Wales: Where's my guard?

All: Rusty, we're not here for fun - Rusty, we've got a race to run

Bobo: My seating has not been shampooed

Turnov: My dining car is out of food!

Ruhrgold: Where's the schedule?

Espresso: Where's my oil?

Nintendo: Come on Rusty, get on the boil!

Rusty, we're not here for fun - Rusty, we've got a race to run

Control: Shut it guys! This is Control

Engines to get fuelled up. Rusty to fetch the coaches. Move it - move it!

Gang: Hear that Rusty, Rusty bye bye

Greaseball: Go fetch the coaches like the boss man said

Gang: Hear that Rusty, Rusty bye bye

Greaseball: Or you could enter for the race instead (laughter)

Gang: Bye bye Rusty, Rusty bye bye - bye bye Rusty

Greaseball: Rusty bye bye

Rusty: Call me Rusty if you like (cool off!)

'Cos soon I'll know just how a champion feels (don't push!)

When I show the rest a clean pair of wheels (who d'you think you're shoving?)

Call me Rusty if you like

Pearl: Rusty, turn your fire down!

Rusty: Call me Rusty if you dare (he'll blow his top!)

'Cos when you see me on the finishing line (he's off the rails)

And when I take the place that's rightfully mine (he always fails)

Call me Rusty I don't care

Ashley: Rusty

Buffy: Can't

Dinah: Be serious

Ashley: Him

Buffy: Go in

Dinah: For the race?

Ashley: You gotta be strong

Buffy: Is he strong?

Pearl: Not for long

Ashley: You gotta have speed

Buffy: Which he don't

Dinah: What you need is a mixture of strength

And power and length

If you're gonna have pull where it counts

Ashley: You're a fool to go with him

Pearl: Should I tell him no?

Other three: You gotta feel more, you gotta feel more

You gotta be certain, you gotta be sure

Pearl: I gotta feel more

All four: We gotta feel more

We need to be certain, we need to be sure

[Thanks to Jessica Cox for lyrics]
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