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Game Over Lyrics

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Game Over Lyric

Alexa Vega Lyrics
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Game Over Toymaker: Game over. There are no rules in this game except, win at any cost.

Alexa: The time has come once and for all.
You've met your match, you will fall.
This little game we play is gonna break us down, only one of us can wear the crown.
It's not as easy as you thought it'd be, when it's down to you versus me.
(Bridge) I play rough, I don't need to try You like to play mean but the score never lies.

(Chorus) Game over, Game over. Game over, for now.
Winning the game's the only rule allowed.
No moral up, or cheers from the crowd.
When the game began you never thought you'd lose, but your time is up I play to bruise.
Look around you'll find you've lost your team, you tried your best, but you ran out of steam.


You're all out of wishes kiss your dreams goodbye the end's the same.
It's not whether you win or lose it's (spoken) how you
play the game.

(is that all you got?) (c'mon) (uh uh) (bring it on!)

Game over.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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