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They'll Soon Discover

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They'll Soon Discover Song Lyrics

The Shins
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They'll Soon Discover When you were young and wise, scratching your letters in the sand
And your imagination led you all around by the ha-a-and
La la la la
Did you ever wonder what dizzy adventures there might be
Unfolding in the currents under the waves at the bottom of the sea

He’s odd, but he’s got a lot of vision
And his buck teeth, cock eyed smile
Can’t stop this invertebrate on a mission
He’s in charge!!

A sinister design, a wild goose chase for a crown
With your eyes aligned, before they tear apart your town
If you wanna win, save all of your kin in the ocean
Stay your ground, don’t be discouraged
Don’t let ‘em turn our brains into porridge

Your odd, but you’ve got a lot of vision
Your buck teeth, stalwart heart
Can’t stop this invertebrate on a mission
He’s in charge!

But it’s a long hard fight, the corner turns, and it’s always another mile

People think day and night, they think they got your number,
But they’ll soon discover!

[Thanks to royaltee37@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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