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Digital Bath Lyrics


Digital Bath Song Lyrics

You move - like I want to
To see - like your eyes do
We are...downstairs
Where no one can see
New life - break away
I feel like more
Tonight I...
We make the water warm
You taste - foreign
And I know - you can see
The cord - break away
'Cause tonight...
I feel like more
Tonight...I feel like more
Feel like more
You breathed - then you stop
I breathed - and drive you off
And tonight I...feel
Feel like more
Oh! Tonight I feel like...
I feel like more
Tonight I feel like more
I feel like more

Soul Survivors Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2001
Digital Bath Lyrics by Deftones from Soul Survivors Soundtrack (2001). Rating: 4.2/5 (21 votes)