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Shrinking Balls Lyrics

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Shrinking Balls Lyric

Vinnie Jones Lyrics
Snatch Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Shrinking Balls Bullet Tooth Tony:
So, you are obviously the big di*k.
The men on the side of ya are your balls.
There are two types of balls.
There are big brave balls, and there are little mincey f*ggot balls.
Now, di*ks have drive and clarity of vision, but they are not clever.
They smell pussy and they want a piece of the action.
And you thought you smelled some good old pussy,
And have brought your two small mincey
f*ggot balls along for a good old time.
But you've got your parties mangled up.
There's no pussy here,
Just a dose that'll make you wish you were born a woman.
Like a prick, you are having second thoughts.
You are shrinking, and your two little balls are shrinking with ya.
The fact that you've got "Replica" written down the side of your gun.
And the fact that I've got "Desert Eagle point
five O" written on the side of mine,
Should precipitate your balls into shrinking,
Along with your presence.
Now... f**k off.

[Thanks to tjab@xs4all.nl for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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