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New York's Best Kept Secret

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New York's Best Kept Secret Song Lyrics

Ashley Tisdale
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New York's Best Kept Secret Ive got something inside of me
Something that needs to be heard
Deep down a voice is guiding me
In an a motion that's stirred

Why have I let others lead the way
When all along I know what it is
I want to say

Whatever it is I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers.
Whatever you want stop looking
Nobody else compares.
Whatever you've seen before.
I'll give you so much more.
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's Best Kept Secret

Ithought I had a perfect plan.
But I would wind up on top.
One day I'm thinking Yes I can !
Next thing you know I'm a flop.

Why did I have to play this silly game?
I've got to shake up who he is.
And stage my plan.


What if I missed my winndow ?
What if I blew my shot ?
But what the only chance I was going to get
I already got.

I'm all ready to the page until I'm on stage in a show!
So nobody move, I've got something to prove !
Don't you know ?



[Thanks to Courtney, Deara Cummings, Kayla Hurd for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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